Monday, October 14, 2013

Damn You, Olivia Pope and Associates!

When you're home alone for too long, you find yourself earnestly singing "Party in the USA" and watching way too many episodes of "Scandal." Or maybe that's just me. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to Josh coming home today from the conference in Amsterdam.

Happy grazers

On the train

Nadine and I traveled there on Friday to see our respective significant others and explore the city. It was rainy rainy rainy, my least favorite kind of weather to travel in. Because how can you take in the sights when you're avoiding puddles and trying not to hit people with your umbrella? We tried shopping a little bit, got beer at a pub, and walked through the Red Light District. #EW

Trying on expensive sunglasses in a department store

The type group was staying on a hostel house boat, so we slept there, and the next morning went to the Rijks Museum, Amsterdam's hugest art museum, which was super fun. Thank goodness Nadine was cool with my snarky mood which manifested in making fun of nearly all the paintings I saw. But seriously, why would you paint baby Jesus with an eight-pack?! Who does that?!

How can you not make fun of this painting?!

Earlier in the week, Nadine and I traveled to Delft, a five minute train ride from Den Haag. It's a super cute town where the blue-and-white style of pottery originated. There are lots of cute shops, cafes, etcetera – very Instagrammable (that's totally going to be a real word someday).

Gosh, I can't even remember what else happened this week, it's all a blur of staying indoors in my sweatpants watching Olivia Pope get it on with President Grant.

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