Friday, November 29, 2013

Recipes I Tried in November

I made this as a meal for Josh to take to school during the week (cuz I'm hella domestic). I'm a weirdo and prefer out-of-the-box mac and cheese to the homemade kind, so I've never really made this dish before. I didn't like the process; there were so many steps, and soooo much cheese (don't get me wrong, I adore the stuff). BUT! But. It was so good. So amazing. Worth all the steps. 

A definite repeat dish. I'm obsessed. Really easy to make, once you get the flour-egg-breadcrumb dip down-pat. 

Good recipe, but unfortunately Josh doesn't like Brussels sprouts. I'm a fan, whatevah.

One of my favorite pasta dishes everrrrr. I think it has to do with the flavor that the guanciale (pork jowl) gives it. Confession: I almost always use pancetta or thick-cut cubed bacon, since I don't have easy access to a fancy Italian butcher shop. I could easily eat the sauce on it's own as a soup, but I think that would be considered weird.

My mom and I were recently discussing how crave-worthy this dish was. It's like the Beouf  Bourguignon of Russia, right? But I've decided this will be filed under "non-repeat." I think it was a little to heavy for our taste, as delicious as it was. There's something about eating a lot of beef that leaves you with a vaguely disgusting feeling in your body... I mean, I know we probably shouldn't be eating red meat, but sometimes you have a craving for it... and then you immediately regret it... I think the problems were a) buying the wrong cut of meat -- chunks instead of strips -- b) buying way too much of it, and c) overcooking it. Also, the dish isn't very colorful. Brown colored dishes are never too good for your health. 

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