Thursday, January 16, 2014

Current Status: January 2014

Current books: Rookie Yearbook Two (Thanks, Britta!)
Current music: Bangerz (Sorry, everyone)
Current guilty pleasure: Horrible fantasy/sci-fi shows
Current color: Forest green
Current drink: Pomegranate juice
Current food: Boxed mac and cheese from America
Current favorite show: Miss Fisher's Mysteries
Current wish list: Tube wringer, weekend sweatpants, shearling coat
Current needs: A big warm puffy waterproof coat
Current triumphs: Cleaning my house :)
Current bane of my existence: My bike chain
Current celebrity crush: Bo Burnham
Current indulgence: Chocolate covered potato chips from Trader Joe's
Current blessing: Being back home with Josh
Current outfit: Yoga pants and old American Apparel pullover
Current excitement: The future (a little vague, but maybe I'll explain later)
Current mood: Scatter-brained
Current link: How to open a wine bottle without a corkskrew

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