Saturday, January 18, 2014

Men on Film

Sorry for the title, but right when I thought of writing this post, this sketch from In Living Color popped into my mind. I love the fact that I got a kick out of that sketch when I was just a kid and didn't really understand all the humor. Also helloooo gay stereotypes. In the early 90s that was ok I guess.

But anyway, this post is all about film, specifically three films that I saw on my flight from Newark to Amsterdam. Seriously, I should have been trying to sleep but I kept watching movies! These three films got me so excited, and I knew I had to post about them.

1. Austenland - As a Jane Austen fanatic, the minute I saw this trailer I was itching to see the whole movie. The filmmakers are the same behind Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre, so it definitely has that sense of quirkiness to it. Jennifer Coolidge alone is just amazing comedically. But it's so much more beyond that. Kerri Russell plays the role of today's girl -- the girl that loves literature, all things old fashioned, and maybe needs to have a reality check. I definitely identified. The male leads -- Bret McKenzie and JJ Feild -- WOAHHHH MAMA. They are the cutest things ever, and know how to make the most subtle thing steamy-sexy-mama-likey. But I'm telling you, this is so much more than a predictable romantic comedy. It has instantly become one my favorite films. Please please I beg of you, see this movie! Sadly, I could not find a positive review via Rotten Tomatoes. Effing critics.

2. Enough Said - A lot of people were talking about this movie because it was one of James Gandolfini's last film roles. Also Julia Louis-Dreyfus got (rightly) nominated for a Golden Globe. I liked the So Cal aesthetic of this film. Especially epitomized in Catherine Keener's character. Ughhhh, she's so good. And I have a newfound love for Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I know, right? I guess I didn't realize just how incredible she was. I mean, the e-cigarettes and rejecting Reese Witherspoon bit at the GGs was genius. The relationship complications within the film are so relatable, and caused me to examine aspects of my own past and current relationships. But mostly the acting is superb. Ugh, I suck at writing about movies. Just see the damn film.

3. In a World... - This is written and directed and starring Lake Bell, who I knew was funny before but yeah she's pretty brilliant. The subject matter is a bit oddball: the voiceover industry. The cast of characters was one of my favorite parts about this film... Tig Nataro, Demetri Martin, Rob Corddry, Nick Offerman... Lots of funny and talented people. But Lake Bell is the star and she is just so wonderfully awkward.

As a precaution, I must warn you that because I watched these movies on a plane, there were probably some inappropriate things cut from them. So I apologize in advance if there's some disturbingly raunchy sex scene in one of these and you think "My god! Why did Allie recommend this?! What a sicko!"

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Marcia said...

Austenland's been in my queue for a while now. Comes to Netflix soon.
I heard about the voiceover movie a while ago. Lake Bell helped write it, too. I heard her interviewed.