Thursday, April 17, 2014

List Your Essentials

{Laura Knight}

1. SUNSHINE, sunlight, etc.
2. AT LEAST eight hours of sleep per night (I know, I'm a freak)
3. Coffee in the mornings
4. Clothes that make me feel comfortable, whether they're cozy and warm or figure-flattering
5. A good balance of alone-time and social time
6. To bounce off of that, down time -- interneting, watching TV, reading in bed
7. Good food. I live to eat, rather than the other way around.
8. A clean house/space
9. Hot showers
10. A stimulating and inspiring surrounding... Flowers in my home, open windows, a city that has interesting things to offer.
11. My family and friends
12. A partner I can communicate with
13. Short-clipped nails... haha. I hate long nails!
14. Some sort of experience of spirituality
15. Escape through books, movies, TV. I love stories!
16. Trust and honesty
17. Communion with animals
18. Being outside, on my bike or taking a walk or sitting at an outdoor cafe, whatever
19. Learning, constantly
20. Treating myself well
21. Promoting good health... Eating fruits and veggies, moving my body, etc.
22. Self-expression through art, fashion, etc.

Thanks, Moorea!

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