Monday, January 13, 2014

My Trip Home

I haven't spent longer than a week at home in Santa Barbara for quite some time, so I was nervous about being there for two weeks. Especially when I found out Josh had developed what is most likely a pinched nerve that is causing double vision in his eyes. Poor guy. But it actually ended up being a great amount of time, very restorative. I guess I'll highlight my moments with these crappy Instagram pictures...

Of course, the reason I went home is because my grandma passed away. Here she is a little girl. So adorable. I got to see lots of old photos of her. My grandma and grandpa met at a USO dance in Southern California. I like that because Josh and I met at a dance club. Pretty similar! It was strange not having her in the house. I was expecting to hear her voice or see her walking down the hall. But I think my family is moving on in a really healthy way. My grandma was a light hoarder so there was lots of work to do -- and still do -- while I was there. 

The memorial was beautiful. My Uncle Andy read a nice eulogy, and a pianist played her favorite song "Over the Rainbow." It was held at her church so I met some of her church friends. It was a good celebration of her life.

The weather in Santa Barbara was amazing; consistently sunny and in the 70s. One day my mom, Tita, and I had lunch on the patio and opened my grandma's last bottle of Meridian Chardonnay, which was her favorite. I hope to share some more pictures of her later on the blog.

My BFF since age 8 was also home for the holidays. She currently lives in Argentina, and I hadn't seen her since last Christmas. It was so wonderful spending time with her. Her little brother Steve works at a bar in our neighborhood, so we went over a couple time for FREE DRANKS.

 We went on a wonderful hike in the Santa Barbara foothills, and it really made me miss the California environment... Sandstone rocks, oak trees, views of the ocean and channel islands... Love it all.

 We also did one of those face masks that's like a full sheet of moist paper? I guess they're the new thing. We looked like burn victims, and obviously my mom took a picture of us. This kind of thing has happened since we were in elementary school.

It was great hanging out with THE PETS. There are four pets living at my grandparents' house right now: My mom's dogs, Sabrina who is below (my grandma's cat), and the newest member to the team is Milo, who my brother rescued. He is one feisty little demon, but so adorable. 

I pretty much fell in love with Sabrina. Isn't she so pretty? She's got a really loud meow that always sounds like she's angry, but I don't think she is. She's also a good snuggler. My grandpa told me I could have her when I move back to the States, haha.

New Year's Eve was completely tame, and I was completely ok with that. My uncles, grandpa, and mom and I went to Outback Steakhouse. Hadn't been there in quite awhile! It wasn't bad, for a chain restaurant. Then we went home and I fell asleep at 9:30 p.m. Happy New Year!

 Then there's the fam. They make me laugh so hard. They know me well (too well sometimes). And I felt their warmth and love so much over the two weeks I was home. Thank you for an amazing journey home. It was unexpected. It was bittersweet. But I'm thankful for it.

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