Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Apartment!

We just moved into our new apartment on Thursday, and I am really excited to nest in a brand-new space. Our apartment has hardwood floors, and the appliances and cabinetry are all kind of modern looking, which honestly isn't my thing, but I do enjoy unexpected mixing and matching between decór styles, so I'm ready to work with what I've got.

Here are a few inspirational interiors pulled from my Pinterest: 

Definitely leaning more towards simplistic and artisanal. Nothing ever fussy or perfectly styled. We don't have any sort of yard, so I'm planning on getting some nice indoor plants. 

Also, we pulled a lot of stuff out of our storage unit today, and some of this stuff I had a little over a year ago, I'm so over. Too many colorful patterns. Tastes change, I guess. Here are a few items on my wish list: 

I'll keep you posted on how nesting goes!

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Beverly Roberson said...

Oh my! Those are some lovely inspirations for your new apartment. Kudos to you for successfully moving in! Anyway, I think mixing and matching will look great. I hope that you guys are settling in nicely. Good luck with decorating your new abode!

Beverly Roberson @ Texas Renters